Home O2 Testing

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Evaluation for Home Oxygen

This test is required in order to qualify for oxygen under the Home Oxygen Program. A home oxygen assessment includes monitoring oxygen levels on room air, a possible arterial blood gas (if oxygen levels low), as well as the possibility of a walking oxygen level test.
Please notify the respiratory therapist if you are on and anti-coagulation medication (blood thinners). Fasting is not required.
Test Procedure: 
A small probe will be placed on your finger to monitor your oxygen levels. If your level is low, then an arterial blood gas will be performed. A walking test may then be performed if the blood oxygen level falls within a certain range. The walking test consists of you walking with a probe on your finger, while breathing in room air. If your levels drop for a specific duration of time during the walking test, then we will place you on oxygen and allow you to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, we will be continuously monitoring your oxygen levels. (If your blood oxygen level falls below a specific level, you will be placed on oxygen and continuously monitored without performing a walking test.)
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