Spirometry Testing

Spirometry Testing


A way to measure lung function.

What is Spirometry?

Spirometry is also known as a pulmonary function test, and it is a way to measure how well your respiratory system is working. The spirometer is a hand-held device that is connected to a computer terminal. There is a disposable mouthpiece on one end of the device, and the patient will inhale and exhale normally at first, and then forcefully through this mouthpiece when instructed to do so. There is typically a display connected to the computer so that the patient can see how well they’ve done. You will commonly be asked to repeat the procedure several times so that we make sure we get an accurate reading.

When would a spirometry test be useful?

  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing
  • cough
  • To follow lung function over time in patients with chronic lung conditions

Where is the test done?

The test is performed in the office, and the results are available the same day.


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