Preparing For Those NBRC Credentialing Exams

  1. Review for the NBRC exam should start as soon as possible. Students should go through the NBRC detailed content outline (exam matrix) to highlight and focus on the topics that they know little or nothing about. Make a note card for each topic and include the pertinent info from your own research and reading.
  1. Work on as many practice questions as possible. Read the questions carefully for key words pertinent to the question (and correct answer). Review the rationales for the correct response as well as the reasons for the incorrect responses. A good source for practice exam questions.  This is our department website for our students. It is not-for-profit and is open source for everyone.
  1. When you take the tests, spend about one minute on each question. Easy or difficult questions are worth the same — one point each. Do not spend too much time on those challenging questions. Go ahead and mark your best “guess” and never leave a question blank as you may not have time to come back to it later. You can always write down the question number on the provided paper and come back to it later if time permits.